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Our Knowledge Base has helpdesk articles that help solve many common issues that you see daily without a ticket. We update the Knowledge Base as common problems arise to minimize the time it takes to get you back up and working.

Do you have an IT emergency (network outage, database/server down, citizens incapable of performing vital tasks, etc.) that needs to be addressed immediately? Please dial our Helpdesk Hotline at (317) 754 5507 or x209 to get with the next available technician.

Need to get ahold of a specific IT Team member? Visit our IT Staff Directory for a list of different ways to contact one of us directly.

    Password Reset

    If you require a password reset or an account unlocked for an IT-supported service between the hours of M-F, 7 AM – 10 PM or weekends, 7 AM – 7 PM, please dial (317) 754 5507 or x209. 

    IT-supported services with password resets are:
    • E-mail
    • Computer
    • Kronos (account unlock only, will reset password as part of the process)
    • Munis (HCCC Only)
    If you do not see your service listed, either there is a self-help password reset option, or the Town of Plainfield does not handle password resets for it. If you call outside of those hours, you may be asked to wait until regular password reset hours or submit a ticket, and someone will get with you when they are available.